Powerful and delicate, striking and subtle, precise and intense … Andreea Stoica’s performance raised the expressive piano almost to infinity. She showed it is possible to sing on the piano … her lavish, florid ornamentation … took the breath away“ (Classical Music, GB)

Stoica … possesses the enormous capacity to interpret the works of classical and contemporary masters with absolute fidelity, with energy, and with the firm commitment to reach his audience and deliver the true spirit of the composer.” (Der Standard, Austria)

„ …beginning with Bach’s considerably challenging work, Stoica’s commanding abilities and innate sense of musical contour quelled any doubts. Her attention to details and refined sound propelled this work. The fluid lyricism of the prelude and the transparency of the fugue were compelling, as was the perfect execution of the following ballad.” (Le Figaro, France)

Stoica played with the gesture of a true master. Emotionally vibrant and most satisfying … Her renditions were marked by a wonderful balance of bravura and sensitivity.” (Luister Muziek N.L.)

Stoica’s performance was characterized by generosity of spirit, to say nothing of knockout virtuosity. Her playing was at the same time extrovert, lyrical, and rhythmically alive.“ (Fanfare Magazine, USA)

Andreea Stoica was magnificent. The concerto’s three movements allowed the pianist to demonstrate all her refined artistry … Stoica carresed her instrument gripping the audience with music at once soothing and uplifting for almost  half an hour.” (La Repubblica, Italy)